Laurie Greenwood

About Laurie


Laurie Greenwood is a certified Music Therapist and has been a Fellow with the Association for Music and Imagery since 2009.

She received a diploma in Music Therapy from Capilano College in 1980 and a Bachelors degree from Open University in conjunction with Capilano College in 1991.

In the 1980's the B.C. Chapter of CAMT was started. Laurie was Secretary Treasurer from 1981-83 and President from 1983-85. 

Laurie was Western Secretary to the Registrar (Accreditation) for CAMT from 1985-93.

She has co-presented at conferences and had summaries of presentations published.

She received her Lifetime Membership from MTABC in 2010.

From 1981-2014 Laurie worked in geriatrics: planning, implementing, and evaluating programs for residents in hospital and residential care and supervising students from Capilano University.

Since 2014, Laurie has been working individually with clients using the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. 

What Laurie says about Guided Imagery And Music

"I knew the power of music from working for thirty-three years in geriatrics and seeing the response people would have to music even when they were not able to respond to anything else. 

"I started working on Level One of the Bonny Method simply because I wanted to know more about classical music. I did learn lots about classical music. But I was also hooked on the Method and inspired by what happened for me in my own personal experience of GIM. GIM training added more depth to my work with the elderly.

"Since then I have had clients receive help from GIM with post partum depression, chronic fatigue, anxiety, and to find direction and answers to questions they have about their life.

"Through relaxation and focusing with music, GIM allows the unconscious to be accessed and to give messages to the conscious self. The method is to relax, but the results are powerful."

What a client says:


“Guided by Laurie's quiet voice and by music chosen by her especially to support my intention for the session, I enter an inner world where something I need to know is revealed to me, through symbol and story, with gentle prompts from Laurie. Often, that something surprises me. 'Oh,' I might say, 'so that's what's on my mind!'

To round off the session, I get to express my experience on paper, in silence, using colour or words, before returning completely to present time and a supportive wrap-up with Laurie.”