What Happens in a Guided Imagery and Music Session

You will be invited into the office and have a “pre-talk” with the therapist. This is for the therapist to find out what is happening in your life and what you would like to get from the session. You will be invited to lie or sit comfortably.  


The therapist will guide you in a relaxation exercise and will start a classical music program chosen for you and gently guide your experience while listening. The idea is to let the unconscious provide images to the music, which will help you with whatever you are working through. 

Afterwards, the therapist will give you a chance to reflect on what you experienced and will invite you to draw a Mandala with pastels. 

Sessions can last up to two hours.

The Journey

The therapist is the “guide” and you are the “traveller.” Her role is to support you, to help keep you on track and to make sure you are grounded before you leave. Afterwards, she will give you a transcript of what you said during your journey and you will keep your Mandala.


“Journeying inward to explore the psyche – perhaps to answer deep questions, to source and begin to heal wounds, or to face our fears in a safe and gentle way, has been helpful, even transformative, for many of us. GIM (Guided Imagery and Music) is an approach to journeying inward that I have found particularly fruitful.”

- M.R.